Temperature Monitoring Data

Comparisons within the Greenhouse: 2-2-2002

Monitoring in just the Greenhouse was performed to compare how uniform the temperatures are within this structure. The locations selected included the west end top of the eleven-ton Rock bed, the center top of the soil bed and the east end top of the Rock bed. As can be seen on this day, the three locations begin being very similar in temperature. This similarity continues as the sun warms the greenhouse. The first difference is noted around 11:00 a.m. when the fan kicks in and the east end of the rock bed (closest to the fan) is almost 15ºF warmer than the over two locations. This difference is maintained as long as the fan is on, but once it goes off, the rock bed temperatures become quite similar again. The soil bed, while similar in temperature to the rock bed in the early afternoon, loses heat more rapidly than the rock bed in the evening hours.