Temperature Monitoring Data

Comparisons within the Porch, SunRoom and Shop: 2-9-2002

Monitoring in just Porch, SunRoom and Shop was performed to better understand how these different spaces compare in thermal behavior. On this sunny day the control system for the fan that circulates air between the Shop and the Porch and SunRoom was turned back on to permit a comparison with the previous day’s data. Here we see thermal behavior similar to that recorded on 2/6: an earning morning increase in the SunRoom, and afternoon spike in the Porch, and a significant increase in the Shop temperature. Here the increase in the Shop was 6.3ºF, increasing from 49.7ºF at 11:30 a.m. up to 56.0ºF at 3:20 p.m. Again, the Porch and the Sunroom begin and end the day and very much the same temperature, with the temperature in the Shop slightly warmer still. As both the day length and the outdoor temperature increases, it will be interesting to see when the Shop starts to consistently be above 60ºF.