TMD 1/14/2002
Temperature Monitoring Data

Comparison of outdoors, cabin, greenhouse & sunroom for 1-15-2002

In this graph of the logged temperature conditions, we can see the thermal behavior of these spaces on a mostly cloudy day. While the outdoor temperature (brown) remained fairly constant at around 30ºF through the day, the monitored spaces slowly cooled. Of these three locations monitored, their relative locations remained unchanged. The Sunroom (red) with began the day at 44ºF and ended the day at 43ºF. The Cabin (blue) cooled even more, drifting down from 42.5ºF to 38.5ºF over this same interval. The greenhouse (green line) data suggests that despite the mostly cloudy day some heat gain was observed in the middle part of the day and to end the day at almost the temperature that it started the day.