sun room solar porch work shop Greenhouse Airlock entry car

On the picture, most of the rooms on the first floor are "clickable" and will take you to that part of the house. The same is true with the plot plans.
This website is dedicated to sharing information on increasing the energy efficiency of our housing stock. Toward this end, a virtual tour of the structures at Sage Farm in Concord, Massachusetts are presented. Approaches presented included ways of capturing and using solar energy for heat, light, growing plants and generating electricity. The structures displayed in photographs here include airlocks, a greenhouse, a sun porch, a Sun Room, a solar-heated woodworking shop, a solar-powered waterfall, and a solar heated cabin. If we ever hope to make world peace a reality we need to learn and implement ways to live more equitably and sustainably on this planet. Increasing the energy efficiency of our housing stock by increasing insulation values and making more efficient use of solar energy are important components of that goal.