addition built to both create a new space as well as provide solar heat and reflected daylight to shop. things to notice:

in order to maintain roof line, floor was lowered to gain head room. lowering floor also provides more exposed thermal mass and earth coupling.


reflective counter at base of window in conjuction with ceiling to bounce sunlight into shop.
damper to open to let solar-heated air from sunroom flow into shop.

Solar Waterfall
(work in progress)
solar-powered waterfall. solar cells on roof generate electricity to charge battery in shop which drives pump in waterfall. trickling water not only improves ambiance of space, but also provides mechanism for storing heat in
the water to promote its value as a thermal storage medium.

solar cells ( a photovoltaic panel ) on the roof generates direct current electricity that charges a battery. this battery, in addition to storing energy, acts as a voltage regulator to provde a more consistent voltage to the pump at the bottom of tank under the waterfall. in addition to the ambiance of the working waterfall, the water picks up heat from the rocks that are warmed when the room is warm. this is nice because water is an excellent medium for storing heat, the challenge is getting the heat into the water.