Insulated Shutters

One aspect of living simply on this planet is eliminating waste in our energy usage.

Heat is lost from our homes, on a per square foot basis, at a rate 10 to 20 times greater through our windows, a\than out our walls.

Therefore, one aspect of improving the thermal effectiveness of our building envelopes is to use insulating shutters over our windows when the view is not important, such as at night, or if we’re in another room.

I’ve been exploring different options for insulating shutters and have made the following:

North Office Window – Fully Open
North Office Windows – Half Closed

North Office Window – Fully Closed

East Office window – Fully Open

East Office Window - Half Closed


West Office Window - Mostly Open

West Office Window – Somewhat Open

West Office Window – Mostly Closed

West Office Window – Fully Closed

Bathroom Window – Shutter Panel Open