Spring of 2004

Summer of 2004

Summer of 2005
1) This carpentry shop gets some of this heat from the adjacent Sunroom. This transfer of solar heat is powered by a fan that is controlled by the temperature difference between the Shop and the Sunroom. When the Sunroom is 8ºF warmer than the Shop, the fan turns on and draws air from the floor level of the Shop, filters it, and discharges it in to the Sun Porch. To complete the circuit of air movement, a damper between the Sunroom and Shop opens, due to the pressure difference created by the fan, and the warmth of the Sunroom flows into the Shop.


2) In order to increase the effectiveness of using solar-derived heat for this space, the amount of insulation is being increased in this former garage. To minimize thermal bypasses, the original collar ties have been replaced with a single LVL beam and the ceiling has had both R-19 and R-11 batts added to it. This ceiling now has a rating of R-50 and will be covered with ½” drywall. In addition, the original single pane windows have been upgraded to triple glazing.

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