Work on the Care of Pumpkin Seedlings

Work on the Care of Pumpkin Seedlings

But we ran a little ahead, before planting seedlings in the open ground there was still quite a lot of time because so far we only sowed seeds. Before the seedlings appear on the surface of the soil, it is necessary to cover the containers with cling film or glass to create a greenhouse effect. If you planted pumpkin seeds in separate cups, then it is advisable to compose them in one large container with high sides and also cover it with cling film or glass. It is important before the seedlings appear at least once a day to open the film for a couple of minutes in order to let in the fresh air and keep the soil in a slightly moist state, spraying it from the spray gun.

As for the optimum temperature, it is very desirable to maintain it at 19-24 degrees above zero in the daytime and lower it to 14-16 degrees at night.

As soon as shoots appear above the soil surface, the film must be removed, and seedlings put on the southern windowsill and every three days turn it the other side to the light so that it does not develop with a bias on one side.

Gardeners also note that pumpkin seedlings are often stretched. To minimize this unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary immediately after emergence for about a week to lower the temperature to 16-17 degrees above zero in the daytime and to 11-14 degrees above zero in the night. After the specified time, the temperature must be returned to the standard for pumpkin seedlings.

Watering Pumpkin Seedlings

With watering, you need to be very careful, in no case should you over-moisten the earthen lump, but you can not dry it either. It is not advisable to water on pumpkin leaves when watering. Watering should be carried out strictly as the earthen coma dries up, much depends on the humidity in the apartment or house. It is noted that in rooms where large aquariums are located, the humidity is higher, the earthen lump dries more slowly and it can be watered less often, and vice versa. Spraying is the most reliable way of watering, but you need to use it to try not to wet only the surface of the soil, but to soak it 3-4 centimeters deep. Regularity and small doses of water – this is the best recommendation when watering pumpkin seedlings.