Topping up Pumpkin Seedlings

Topping up Pumpkin Seedlings

In addition to watering, fertilizing is also needed, before they are carried out, the soil needs to be loosened slightly (you can literally use a toothpick), then water the soil, after which, usually this happens a week after emergence on the soil surface, seedlings can be fed. The best option, in this case, is nitrophoska, it needs 7-8 g per bucket of water, this amount is enough for a square meter of the nursery, and if the seedlings grow in separate containers, then you can pour a teaspoon of the solution under each plant.

If you are against chemistry, then you can use mullein solution, you need to fill it with water at a temperature of 45 degrees, diluting in a concentration of one to ten, and let it brew overnight, then dilute it five times and you can feed the plants. For each of them, a tablespoon of solution or liter per square meter of the nursery will be enough.

The Optimal Location of Pumpkin Seedlings

You need to hold containers with seedlings on the southern windowsill, where the best lighting is observed. At noon, from about half-past eleven to half-past twelve seedlings can be shaded from the burning rays of the sun by newspapers.

As soon as the seedlings reach a height of 18-22 cm, get stronger, acquire two or more real leaves of bright green color, it is permissible to safely transplant them into the soil, if both it and the temperature outside are warm enough.