We Grow Pumpkin Seedlings According to the Rules Part 2

Preparation of Containers for Growing Pumpkin Seedlings

While preparing seeds, it is permissible to engage in the preparation of containers for growing seedlings. This can be ordinary seedling wooden boxes, preferably new and dry, preferably pre-treated with a 2% potassium permanganate solution and well dried after that, as well as plastic containers with mandatory holes in the base to drain excess moisture, which can be easily and easily done with a hot awl, or individual plastic cups, also with a hole in the base, also made with a hot awl.

If you do not want to risk replanting seedlings but want to immediately plant it in open ground without injuring the roots, then you can sow seeds in peat mugs. In such a glass, you can sow a couple of seeds, then choose the best plant, remove the second one or transplant it carefully, and then plant the glass in the soil without touching the roots of the seedling. A peat mug will serve as food, seedlings will not receive additional stress due to the restoration of the root system after its damage.

When choosing peat mug glasses, it is better to take their sizes for pumpkins from 7×7 cm, a little more, but no less.

Preparation of Soil for Growing Pumpkin Seedlings

When the containers are ready, and the seeds are soaked, you can begin to prepare the soil for growing pumpkin seedlings. Of course, you can buy soil in the store – read carefully about its composition, and if everything is in order, the soil is not acidic or alkaline, then sow seeds in it, but you can always prepare the soil yourself. Usually, the ideal soil for growing pumpkin seedlings is a mixture of two parts of transitional peat, one part of well-rotted sawdust and one part of humus. It is advisable to enrich the resulting mixture with a teaspoon of nitroammophoska in terms of five kilograms of soil.

When the soil is ready, they need to densely fill the available containers, after which it is good to spill melt or rainwater at room temperature and you can start sowing the seeds. Typically, pumpkin seeds are planted to a depth of 3-4 cm, no more.

When growing pumpkin seedlings not in separate containers, but in large boxes, vegetable growers advise, before laying soil in the boxes, pour a little expanded clay for drainage literally one or two centimeters thick down.

The optimal period for sowing, by the way, is about 18-22 days before planting seedlings in the soil. A lot depends on the weather outside, and on the region of your residence – you need to calculate the period based on the climate. It is best to plant seedlings in mid-May, of course, it is impossible to exclude return frosts, but the soil and air by that time will already be warm enough to accept pumpkin seedlings.