Brushcutter head

Brushcutter heads (most used)

The brush head is one of the important parts of the brushcutter; it transforms the rotary motion of the engine into the work to be performed by the implement. By means of the cord that turns in the barrel it carries the torque of the engine to the head, engaging itself inside it through a male female mille-braider. The body can be in steel or the new models are in aluminium. Inside there are the head of the parallelepiped shaped cord that turns to make one of its counterpart to move the threaded pinion where the tool is screwed, with the same principle of the bevel gear of motor vehicles. What is important is the fact that these heads are not self lubricating, so they must be lubricated, with special greases, through the grease nipple with which they are equipped. It is simply a tool similar to a gun and able to make the heads slide.

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Brushcutter heads models

The range of heads is very wide, both in terms of number of manufacturers and models, but to choose the right model for your needs you need to analyze the work to be done. If your job is to mow the grass in the garden, the most suitable head will be the one equipped with wire; the wire is made of nylon and accelerated to the speed at which the brushcutter is able to reach, has a blade effect capable of cutting the grass more tender, having the advantage of not causing damage to the tool in case of collision with stones or metals. In case you are dealing with drier grass or brushwood you have to opt for a head with a metal blade, there are several blades: two and three teeth, serrated, chainsaw, etc., but usually the heads of this type are universal.

Mounting heads

When we need to change the heads, in case our work changes, there is no need to be afraid. Usually the cartridge has a single screw that makes it tighten around the barrel, so to replace it unscrew it and take it out taking care not to damage the cord, since you have disassembled the cartridge will be the case to pull the cord from the barrel and grease it abundantly, re-insert it making sure to find the hole of the crankshaft. Then insert the cartridge by inserting the head of the cord into the appropriate housing and tighten with the appropriate screw. Grease it and in case you need the metal blade screw it with its nut; to screw it in you will have to insert a screwdriver in the side hole to stop the rotation.

Brushcutter head: Choose the heads according to your work

As mentioned before you have to choose the head according to the work. The use of the wire will be limited only to mowing the grass in the garden and vegetable garden, but when the work gets heavy you will have to change it with a blade head. The blades are metal and are used to mow hard vegetation, even small shrubs. Recently on the market have arrived the chain blades, the latter is made of chain pieces similar to those for chainsaws. This blade is capable of cutting shrubs of diameters unthinkable for other blades, the only flaw is that on grass you do not have a yield equal to a conventional blade. Prices range from fifty to one hundred euros depending on the model, but the most expensive models are universal. The brushcutter head is a good ally to make your multifunctional tool.