Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog?

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Amazing Frog? review

Amazing Frog game was created in 2014 by Fayju and combines several genres, such as action, adventure, and indie. The main character is a clumsy frog, controlling which you have many opportunities for fun and crazy interactions with the world in the open world of the game. 


The graphics of this game are very difficult to call innovative, rather it is old-fashioned and would be a hit somewhere in the early two-thousands, but given the idea of the creators, it fits perfectly into the concept because the main thing here is not graphics, but the open-world available to the player. Although with modest graphics, the game is bright and varied with many drawn objects and therefore, the world with which the character interacts does not seem empty. 


The world of this game is open, and therefore contains many locations and opportunities for the interaction of the hero. Flies, farts, and rejoices: all this can be said about the frog - the main character of this game, although if we note that this game allows several players to play at the same time, there may be several such farts. On one fart, you will not fly far, and frog’s grace looks like it is nailed by bag, but therefore there is a possibility to move by car or bus, or by means of trampolines and force of jumps to move from one location to another one. You can ride a pig or fly a helicopter and even go to the moon, or fight zombies from the sewers. All these crazy activities are available to the fart frog. 


You need to get used to the control because the hero seems to be stuffed with cotton wool, so you have to aim well to hit the right location by jumping on a trampoline or lifting an object. Although after some time, there will be no problems and you will easily get used to operate the hero, the only thing that is out of control is the grog’s farting, it is completely arbitrary. 

Strong points 

  • Ability to play for multiple users;
  • Diverse open-world;
  • Large selection of activities in the game;
  • Large arsenal of mini-games for fun with friends.

Amazing Frog?

5 / 5

Author: Fayju
Publish Date: 2020-11-20