Red Spots on Currant Leaves Why They Appear and How to Get Rid

You do not know why red and brown spots appeared on the leaves of your current? We will tell you what is the cause of this ailment and how to eliminate it. If red spots on currant leaves appeared in spring or summer, then it is likely that your berry bushes attacked diseases and pests. […]

Cercosporosis (Lat.Cercospora)

The causative agent is the fungus Cercospora libicola Ell. et Ev. out of order Hyphomycetales Description Cercosporosis is a plant disease that primarily affects leaves, less commonly, stems and petioles. The manifestation of the first signs usually occurs in June and is noted on fully developed leaves. Symptoms of Cercosporosis Cercosporosis appears on the leaves […]

How to Deal With Didimella

How to Protect Raspberries From Didimella? Agrotechnical and chemical methods are used to protect raspberries from didimella. Crucial in the fight against purple spotting are the timeliness and complexity of agricultural activities: correct site selection soil preparation before planting, the use of healthy and high-quality planting material, selection of zoned and resistant varieties, support of […]

Raspberries at Stake How to Deal With Didimella

Didimella (purple spotting) is common in all areas of raspberry cultivation, both in our country and abroad. It causes especially great harm in the humid zones – Forest-Steppe and Polesie. How to recognize a disease? How to deal with didimella? Read about it in our material. Why Does Didimella Occur? The causative agent of didimella […]

Vertex Rot of Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes, gardeners are faced with many different diseases of tomatoes. One of the most common is vertex rot, which affects fruits in both open and protected ground. In some years, crop losses from vertebral rot are 20-30%. Features The characteristic signs of the disease are the formation at the top of the fetus of […]

Column of Nightshade The Best Defense Is Prevention

Stolbur is one of the most common (especially in the southern regions of Ukraine) and harmful diseases of tomatoes and other nightshade crops. The yield loss, in this case, can be more than 50%. All about how to protect plants in your garden. The causative agent of the tomato column is the Lycopersicum virus 5 […]